Hand & Face Cleaning Cloths - 5ct

baby face and hand wipes
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Honestly, I've been asking for YEARS for e-cloth to start making these.  Finally!

Perfect for cleaning sticky, slimey, greasy and gooey messes from little hands and faces.

  • Includes 5 Reusable Cloth Wipes (8" x 8")
  • Reusable Cloth Wipes guaranteed for 100 washes
  • Protects babies by cleaning with just water, not chemicals
  • Soft, yet durable, Hand & Face Cloth Wipes clean any mess on babies and toddlers
  • Minimizes time cleaning up sticky hands and faces

e-cloth Reusable Cloth Wipes clean with just water, 100% eliminating chemicals sensitivities, allergic reactions, rashes and asthma associated with the use of chemical additives, fragrances and dyes.

Cloth Wipes provide a faster and better clean using just a cloth and water.

“MI* is now the most common cause of allergic contact dermatitis in our patient population.”
- Dr. Jennifer Cahill, Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc (Australia)

*MI = Methylisothiazolinone; most commonly found in traditional wet wipes

Cloth Wipes content - 79% Viscose made from bamboo / 21% Polyester

Made in China

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Hannah R, 10/05/18

Gentle and absorbant! Was going through an obscene amount of wipes cleaning up spit up but not any more :)

Reviewed by Beth H, 30/11/17

These soft white wash clothes are such a fine value. They remove dirt and make up (I use them) thouroughly and easily.

The cloths offer a gentle exfoliation without irritation.

Very nice product.

Reviewed by Janine , 09/11/17

My babies are all grown up now, but I put one in my car & purse. They are great if you have hotflashes! So much better than using a kleenex. And also great for sticky or dirty hands...just add water abd wipe :)

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