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I (Kate) have been asking e-cloth® for baby wipes for years! Finally, my dram has come true.  These cloths are indispensible at home and on the go.

  • Includes:  One (1) 8.5" x 7.9" x 1.5" Carry Pouch, one (1) 1oz (30ml) Spray Bottle, ten (10) Reusable Cloth Wipes, and one (1) 7.25" x 13.3" Laundry Bag
  • Guaranteed for 100 washes
  • Protects babies by cleaning with just water, not chemicals
  • Soft yet durable, Hand & FAce Cloth Wipes clean any mess on babies and toddlers
  • Minimizes time cleaning up sticky hands and faces
  • Spray Bottle keeps a handy reservoir of water available for quick clean-ups 
  • Carry Pouch provides one place to store everything for immediate use when accidents occur and stores dirty wipes separately for laundering

Cloth Wipes content - 60% bamboo, 32% polyester, 8% polyamide

Made in China

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Hannah R, 10/05/18

Get this while you can! Great quality product and the cloths work very well while being quite gentle

Reviewed by Kim S, 27/03/18

OH my goodness, I love these products!! My house is looking More and more Shiny every week. OK I admit I only clean once a week. We had a shipping problem and it was resolved immediately. That's how you know a great company, it's how they deal with problems.

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