Bathroom Starter Set

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Everything you need to clean your bathroom the e-cloth way

This set contains the following:
- One Bathroom Pack
- One  Glass & Polishing Cloths
- One Washing Up Pad
- One Cleaning Pad

NOTE: This pack includes ONE Washing Up Pad (the yellow sponge).  The image shows two so that you can see both sides of it.

This collection is a 36.96 value if sold separately

Assembled in US - Components from Taiwan & South Korea


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jill , 25/09/18

I’ve been using the general ecloth and polishing cloth for years. LOVE them! Use in bathroom and kitchen daily. I decided to try this bathroom set and the red sponge really is a game changer. No more squeegee in the shower! I just use this to wipe down our glass. Easy Peasy! I also prefer the yellow sponge for clean up in the kitchen.

Reviewed by Ann , 11/09/18

I love all of my e-cloth products with my favorite being the bathroom set and wet floor mop. The red pad works great for removing the " soap scum" that accumulates in the shower and tub. I did find a video on YouTube on how to use each product and it was really helpful. A tip for cleaning: I used to use fabric softener all the time and learned that it was damaging some of clothes so quit using it altogether and just dryer sheets and never noticed a difference. Because I live in an arid climate, I usually try and hang dry my cloths and mop heads, although sometimes they get tossed in the dryer- both come out fine.

Reviewed by Sara , 28/03/17

Love these cloths for the bathroom! Work great- less scrubbing and shiny finishes especially on glass. Love the free shipping-and products arrived supper quick-and sales! Agree with forgetting which cloth is supposed to be used where-maybe this could be added onto the products tag?? Will be purchasing more!

Reviewed by Marla , 13/03/17

I like the red padded scrubber for the faucets and tub. The others are great for all sinks, tile, counters and tub too. The glass/mirrors are streak free with the glass ones. I find it helpful to use windex at times with the ecloths to reduce scrub time or enhance glass shine. I love the ecloths, the only drawback is when washing to remember to NOT use fabric softener!

Reviewed by KaDawn W, 07/01/17

These bathroom rags are thicker than the general purpose. These are the best! This is everything my kids need to clean the bathroom, mirror included!

Reviewed by Natalie A, 06/11/16

Great package! I have yet to use the Washing Up pad though. Every morning I wipe down my shower walls with the general purpose cloth and then wipe down the glass with the polisher cloth and my shower looks so amazingly clean. These cloths have made my life so much easier. I have no regrets buying these.

Reviewed by Mandy , 21/04/16

I have a set of a more expensive brands multi-purpose cloth and glass cleaning set and wanted to have a few more pieces for designated cleaning (kitchen, bathroom, dusting, etc.) but didn't want to pay the high price for the other brand. I tried these and I am so glad I did. They perform just as well and are such a great value. I use the sponge on my stainless steel pots and pans and it is hands down the best product I've found for them. I use these to clean my entire house and am very pleased with all of the products.

Reviewed by Lori , 02/04/16

I LOVE the red 4 column sponge...great for the tub, floor, etc. I use the yellow sponge with the scrubber back as my kitchen for dishes/counters. The polishing cloth is great for mirrors. Regular cloth is good for dusting when dry.

Reviewed by Robin , 18/01/16

This set is fantastic. It has everything I need to clean 2 bathrooms. I was confused why the Washing Up Pad was included but Kate mentioned that the scrubby side is great for removing soap scum. Well guess what?! She's right! Kate's customer service is wonderful and you will not regret getting this pack.

Reviewed by LR , 25/10/15

I’ve been very pleased with all the products from e-cloth. I went to a Norwex party and bought some “expensive cloths”. Went home and did some research and found e-cloths. Ordered some to compare with N. and have been so happy I did. Now I buy some even for gifts. The sales are even better!! Fast & Free shipping.

Reviewed by Lori R, 17/08/15

Very happy with these products and the company. Fast shipping and Free. The product compares to that “other” home party company for much less! Customer service is great and I’m looking forward to ordering more for myself and gifts for my daughters.

Reviewed by cathy , 25/04/15

I love every 1 of these products, They have made cleaning a breeze.

Reviewed by Sandy H, 08/12/14

This set certainly contains many items. The double-sided washing/scrubbing pad is particularly useful. I like the four column red "sponge" for wiping down the insides of the shower.
Once out of the package though, I get confused as to which item is supposed to be used for what purpose. The glass polishing cloth is easy to recognize, but some of the others are a mystery -- so just use for whatever.

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