General Purpose Cloth - 4 Pack

Size: 12.5" x 12.5"
Eligible for FREE Shipping
Why e-cloth versus cleaning the old-fashioned way?
Buying this cleaning power pack gets you the fourth General Purpose Cloth FREE!
You get superlative cleaning results from modern fiber fabrication x 4 saving 25% in the process. Ecloth’s fibers absorb moisture – while the peerless microscopic texturing deep cleans by lifting and trapping dirt, grease, oil, grime, even bacteria from all hard surfaces.
The Cloths come in different colors so you can designate usage by cleaning areas or cleaning days. Whatever you do, there will never be chemical residue left behind because e-cloth deep cleans using just water. (Not for use on electronic screens and delicate lenses.)
Versatile, easier cleaning –excellent on stainless steel, countertops, glass, chrome, granite, marble, tile and wood – throughout the home, in the workplace or outdoors. And e-cloth’s fiber function makes cleaning almost everyplace faster and easier. 
Healthier cleaning – there are no harmful chemicals or fumes because e-cloth uses fiber function to clean – not a chemical reaction. e-cloth cleaning is safe for everyone, and is especially important to allergy and asthma sufferers.
Money-saving cleaning – no paper towels or household chemicals to buy. Saving just one roll of paper towels a week, and $10 a month on chemical cleaners results in a yearly savings of almost $200. e-cloth 300 wash guarantee
Eco-friendly cleaning – e-cloth eliminates paper towels carbon footprint and landfill waste, and the pollution that chemicals create.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Andrea , 03/04/17

Love these cloths, work very well on mirrors and windows and they are also used for complete bathroom cleaning. Wouldn't be without them.

Reviewed by Bonnie , 01/12/16

i really like these cloths they work great!

Reviewed by TK , 03/06/15

I was disappointed that these left streaks. They didn't seem much different than the microfiber cloths you can buy at Walmart.

Reviewed by AJ , 04/06/12

this is a really good deal. I had some Norwex rags and was happy to find something cheaper that works even better. Thank you!

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