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This is the pack you've been dreaming of. It's got everything you want and need to clean your whole house.

With this amazing pack you'll get:

  • one kitchen e-cloth (my favorite e-cloth!)
  • one Window e-cloth (waffle-weave for lint-free windows). Note that this link will take you to the window PACK which includes 2 cloths. You'll be interested in the ligher green, waffle-weave one.
  • one Stainless Steel e-cloth (little scrubbers for sticky messes)
  • one Range and Stovetop e-cloth (more little scrubbers for bigger, stickier messes)
  • one dusting e-cloth (trust me, you'll like this!). Note the description at the link is for 2 cloths. This pack includes only 1 dusting e-cloth.
  • one bathroom e-cloth (more plush than our other cloths so it's more absorbant and great for cleaning grout)
  • two Glass & Polishing e-cloths (for the streak-free finish on all your windows, mirrors and bling)

Made in Indonesia

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Diane , 07/05/15

This set is a great introduction to e-cloths. I especially love the window and stove top cloths. They do a fantastic job of cleaning (with little effort) and the polishing cloths dry and shine with even. Less effort. Easy and done in a flash! I recommend them to everyone.

Reviewed by Alana , 25/06/14

I absolutely love these cloths! I have had them for a couple of weeks now, and am amazed at how easy it is to clean my house. I'm telling all of my friends about them, and can't wait to add more to my collection!

Reviewed by Michelle F, 06/04/14

One of my best investments. Less time to clean because the cloths pick up dust better. No need to use chemicals. Awesome!!!

Reviewed by Charlotte , 24/08/13

I am quite pleased with this set of products. In fact, I ordered the same package for my daughter. I had attended a Norwex home party and purchased several of their products which are great but I think e-cloths are just as great (as well as less expensive) and I love that the e-cloth product's intended use is printed on the product tag.

Reviewed by Molly , 26/05/13

These cloths make cleaning fun! I can clean more things in less time than I can without these cloths. And everything stays cleaner longer because the microfiber picks up everything! I borrowed some Norwex cloths from a neighbor and loved them. I was invited to a Norwex party and could not believe how much their products cost. I did some research and found e-cloth. I found their prices to be much more reasonable. I bought the home cleaning set and I'm very happy with it. It cleans just as well as Norwex. I plan to buy more products.

Reviewed by Kelsey , 20/05/13

I've really only used the bathroom cloth, kitchen cloth and window cleaning cloths. Let me say that they are amazing. I haven't used any chemicals to clean my bathroom since getting them (except for inside the toilet!). You do have to scrub a little to get off tough grime. But they work! And I am honestly amazed at how well they window cloths and polishing cloths clean my mirrors and windows. Would highly recommend this package. I plan on buying more general purpose cloths to just have around the house and for cleaning up dirty baby/kids hands. Great product!

Reviewed by Sarah i, 20/01/13

This is a great pack! It was my first batch of ecloths and I couldn't be happier! We bought a house in which the previous owner must have fried regularly. There was grease all over the kitchen. I had cleaned appliances, cabinets, etc multiple times, but nothing got it all, until the stainless steel cloth made my fridge and microwave like new. Even my 6 year old daughter. Commented on it...how did this get so clean. My husband has commented on how the bathroom fixtures are so shiny. I told him they are magic cloths. I am finding myself cleaning more often because its so fast and easy. They cut through soap scum, tub ring, hairspray, grease, baked on junk. So very happy I'm telling lots of my friends.

Reviewed by Stephanie , 28/09/12

This set was the first microfiber cleaning clothes I had ever purchased or used. I have friends who sell Norwex and that is how I came to learn about microfiber. I strongly think that e-cloths work just as well as Norwex. This set does not have the silver woven into the fabric so the cloths will smell if you leave them out. I just choose to launder all my clothes right after use.

The variety of textures help to clean each area of your home differently.

I honestly clean more often and take less time doing it now that all I need is my cloth and some water. I have the confidence that my surfaces are more sterile than before, and with more frequency. This was a great purchase and I would advise anyone to give it a try.

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