Kitchen Cleaning

appliance cleaning set
Appliance Cleaning Set 8pc
Was: $53.95
Now: $39.99
Kitchen Dynamo
ecloth kitchen pack
Kitchen Pack

Bet ya didn't know you could clean your entire kitchen in minutes with just a little water.

mini mop
Mini Deep Clean Mop

Same great features as our Deep Clean Mop but with a smaller base.

non-scratch scouring ecloth
Non-Scratch Scouring Cloth - Crushed Box

S O L D   O U T!

Crushed Box Promo
(Supplies Limited)

This item is out of stock
non-scratch scrubbers
Non-Scratch Scrubbers 2-Pack

Super little scrubber

ecloth range and stovetop cloth
Range & Stovetop Cloth

Greasy goop to baked on messes. This cloth cleans them all!

ecloth stainless steel cloth
Stainless Steel Cloth
Perfect for Brushed and Polished Stainless Steel Surfaces.


This item is out of stock
Stainless Steel Pack
Love your stainless steel appliances but hate the fingerprints on them? e-cloth will give you back that showroom shine in seconds!


Stroller & Car Seat Cloth
Stroller & Car Seat Cloth

Little grooves in this cloth pick up crumbs like no other cloth.

Table & High Chair Cloth
Table & High Chair Cloth

Easily clean any mess off of high chairs and booster seats without harmful chemicals

Universal Stone Pack
Universal Stone Cleaning Set

The Miracle Cleanser!

dish cloths
Wash & Wipe Dish Cloths 2pk

Finally an e-cloth® for doing dishes!

e-cloth glass & polishing cloth Alaskan Blue
Glass & Polishing Cloth

Quite simply, you will NOT believe how well this cleans your windows, mirrors and any shiny surface in your home or vehicle.

e-cloth washing up pad
Washing Up Pad


e-cloth absorbent microfiber cleaning pad
Cleaning Pad

Kate's Favourite e-cloth for Tub and Shower Cleaning

Professional e-cloth red
Professional e-cloth

A General Purpose Cloth for Professional Cleaners

ecloth total package
Home Cleaning Set 8pc

Everything you ever dreamed of in one sweet package.

ecloth kitchen microfiber cloth
Kitchen Cloth

Grease, food, bacteria, spills... be GONE! Kitchen cleaning has never been this easy.

universal stone
Universal Stone with Applicator

The Miracle Cleanser!

ecloth general purpose cloth Alaskan Blue
General Purpose Cloth


ecloth starter value pack
Starter Pack 5pc

You get 1 General Purpose Cloth FREE with this package and you can clean your entire house!


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