Thank you REALSIMPLE  magazine for naming e-cloth ® BEST Everyday Cleaning Products in 3 CATEGORIES in your May, 2012 issue:

  1. Best Washable Microfiber Mop - e-cloth ® Deep Clean Mop

  2. Best All Around Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - e-cloth ® General Purpose Cloth, Stainless Steel Cloth, Range & Stovetop Cloth

  3. Best Scrubber - e-cloth ® Washing Up Pad

BOGO General Purpose e-cloth
2 General Purpose Cloths For the Price of 1

While Supplies Last

Was: $15.98
Now: $7.99
daily cleaning set
Daily Cleaning Set

All you need to keep on top of dust, spills and fingerprints.

ecloth general purpose cloth Alaskan Blue
General Purpose Cloth


e-cloth washing up pad
Washing Up Pad


ecloth deep clean mop best washable microfiber mop
Deep Clean Mop

e-cloth ® voted Best Washable Mop by REALSIMPLE magazine!


ecloth ® was named Best Everyday Cleaner in 3 categories by REALSIMPLE magazine in their  “The Definitive Cleaning Products Road Test” article (May, 2012).


ecloth voted best washable microfiber mop by real simple magazine

The e-cloth ® Deep Clean Mop has a telescopic handle that will fit anyone in your family and the washable microfiber pad will pick up over 99% of bacteria. The e-cloth ® mop is great for any type of hard surface flooring. The dry (dusting) mop pad (sold separately) is absolutely the best dog hair sweeper-upper! Here's what REALSIMPLE had to say:

With a large, smooth-swirling 360-degree head and an extra-long telescoping pole, this tool makes mopping a Fred Astaire moment. Effective with plain water or your favorite solution. Toss the microfiber head in the washer and dryer when done (no dryer sheets, bleach, or softener, please).




All e-cloth ® microfiber cloths pick up over 99% of bacteria and all you need is a bit of water. No cleansers, chemicals or sprays required! The e-cloth ® Stainless Steel cloth and the e-cloth ® Range & Stovetop cloth have special non-scratch scrubbers to help you wipe up even the stickiest messes. Here's what REALSIMPLE had to say:

ecloth voted best microfiber cleaning cloth by real simple magazine you might assume that all microfiber is created equal. Not so. This winner delivers impressively on the three promises of the category: to serve as a magnet for dust, to clean and shine with plain water (although it’s fine to use a solution if you prefer), and to stand up to the washing machine. E-cloths are guaranteed to last through 300 washes—just don’t use dryer sheets, bleach, or fabric softeners, because they’re kryptonite to microfiber. Testers loved the purple general-purpose cloth but couldn’t resist the color-coded variants: stiffer or softer options for stainless steel, glass, and cooktops.




The e-cloth ® Washing Up Pad - has a super scrubber on one side that is safe for your non-stick pans and a waffle-weave microfiber on the other side that will make dish-washing so much easier. Here's what REALSIMPLE had to say:

ecloth washing up pad voted best scrubber by real simple magazine

Curved to sit nicely in the hand, it pairs a gentle abrasive side with a microfiber surface for wiping.

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