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Stop Fighting Lint, Streaks and Fingerprints.

The e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing cloth cleans all shiny surfaces brilliantly!
Have you ever cleaned a window and walked away thinking it was clean only to see streaks, film and lint when the sun shines through it? THAT WON'T HAPPEN WITH THE E-CLOTH ® GLASS AND POLISHING CLOTH!
How about your glass stovetop or stainless steel appliances? Do you wipe them and then see watermarks? Fingerprints? Try the e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing cloth. You won't believe the results!
80% polyester/20% polyamide.  - Made in Korea

What Can You Clean with the e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing Cloth?

  • windows (try it on your French Doors!)
  • car dash, windows and mirrors
  • mirrors
  • chrome
  • granite countertops
  • glass stovetops
  • jewelry
  • stainless steel
  • faucets and shower fixtures
  • glass shower doors
  • ANYTHING Shiny!
  • Note: Although a fine weave, the Glass & Polishing e-cloth ® is NOT meant to be used on TV or computer screens. Please use the e-cloth Screen Cleaning Pack instead to clean and protect your expensive screen.

Warrantye-cloth 300 wash guarantee

All e-cloth ® cloths and mop pads come with a satisfaction guarantee and a 300-washings performance warranty. Click here for more information on our great Guarantee and Returns.

Washing Instructions

All e-cloth ® cloths and mop pads can be washed in your washing machine with low lint items (like jeans). Cold water will work, but hot water is recommended to allow the fibers to open and release dirt and grease.

Why Switch to e-cloth ® from your Usual Window Cleaning Method?

Cleaning that saves you money – no paper towels or household chemicals to buy. Ecloth performance is guaranteed for 300 machine washings.
Faster, easier cleaning – Ecloth’s fiber function makes cleaning faster and easier. And for most day-to-day use a warm rinse under a faucet is enough to ready it for the next cleaning task. 
Healthier cleaning – Ecloth cleaning is safe for everyone. There’s no chemical reaction involved, just advanced fiber function and water.
Eco-friendly cleaning – Ecloth reduces paper towels landfill waste, and pollution that chemicals create.

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