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appliance cleaning set
Appliance Cleaning Set 8pc
Was: $53.95
Now: $44.99
ecloth bathroom starter set
Bathroom Starter Set

Clean your Bathroom in Minutes!

Was: $36.96
Now: $29.99
total home care set
Complete Home Care Set

This set has it ALL!

Was: $112.96
Now: $99.99
e-cloth wet mop microfiber head
Deep Clean Mop Head

E-cloth Deep Clean Damp Mop Pad will clean ANY hard surface floor like it's never been cleaned before!

e-cloth dry dust mop head
Dust Mop Head

Pick up pet hair and the smallest particles of dust and dirt - even dry wall dust - from your floors, walls and celings!

ecloth dusting package
Dusting Set 4pc

Get rid of that dust - here, there and everywhere

Was: $60.96
Now: $49.99
flexi-edge floor and wall duster
Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster

The ULTIMATE Dust Mop!

Flexi-edge Floor & Wall Duster Head
Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster Head

New! The Ultimate Floor & Baseboard Duster

total floor care pack
Floor Care Bundle 4pc

2 Mops, 1 Great Price!

Was: $88.96
Now: $79.99
ecloth general purpose cloth Alaskan Blue
General Purpose Cloth


e-cloth glass & polishing cloth Alaskan Blue
Glass & Polishing Cloth

Quite simply, you will NOT believe how well this cleans your windows, mirrors and any shiny surface in your home or vehicle.

e-cloth glass & polishing cloth 4-Pack
Glass & Polishing Cloth - 4 Pack

Save $7 with this pack.

This item is out of stock
Baby wipe bag green dots
Hand & Face Cleaning Kit 13pc

Reusable wipes that really work!


Was: $29.99
Now: $14.99
Home Starter Kit
Home Starter 3pc

A perfect set to start with.

Kitchen Dynamo
ecloth kitchen towel blue
Kitchen Towel - Classic Check

Dries Dishes 4 Times FASTER than Cotton. 

Large hooded baby towel blue
Large Hooded Towel - Various Colors


Was: $49.99
Now: $24.99
mini mop
Mini Deep Clean Mop

Same great features as our Deep Clean Mop but with a smaller base.

non-scratch scrubbers
Non-Scratch Scrubbers 2-Pack

Super little scrubber

Office Cleaning Set
Office Cleaning Set 5pc
Was: $33.95
Now: $29.99
ecloth pet cleaning set
Pet Grooming Set

Pet Cleaning made Easy

This item is out of stock
ecloth pet cleaning set
Pet Grooming Set LARGE

Pet Cleaning made Easy

This item is out of stock
Stroller & Car Seat Cloth
Stroller & Car Seat Cloth

Little grooves in this cloth pick up crumbs like no other cloth.

Table & High Chair Cloth
Table & High Chair Cloth

Easily clean any mess off of high chairs and booster seats without harmful chemicals

Toy & Nursery Cloth
Toy & Nursery Cloth

Clean toys & kiddie furniture easily and without dangerous chemicals.


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