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There is no need to wipe surfaces repeatedly. These ultimate kitchen towels dry in one swipe and leave everything sparkling, streak and grease free.

The super absorbent fibers leave glasses, dishes, and pots and pans dry and streak-free in seconds. Because of the fiber content and technology used in the cloth it absorbs four times the amount of moisture as plain cotton and absorbs it twice as fast.

Includes one 16" x 23" Kitchen Towel - your choice of color

Contains 40% Cotton / 50% Polyester / 10% Polyamide

Made in South Korea

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Michelle, 12/09/18

I love this towel. I had been using my other ecloths for drying and they work well, but I like a dedicated cloth. Getting my mom some for Christmas!

Reviewed by Rena Trepanier, 08/03/18

I love this towel..so soft and so very absorbent. I dried a clear glass vase the other day and it not only dried it thoroughly but shined it. I just ordered more today.

Reviewed by Chuck Ewing, 18/02/18

Love all of our e-cloth items. Was anxiously waiting for the towels to come back

Reviewed by MKmary, 29/07/14

I was surprised by how soft this is and it doesn't stick to my fingers like other microfiber. It dries dishes much better than my cotton towels. Some people have complained that it's white but mine has stayed white. Would recommend for anyone that hand-dries dishes but it's also nice just for drying hands with.

Reviewed by Jeannette, 24/01/14

I absolutely love this towel!! I will definitely be ordering more :)

Reviewed by Tkwhugo, 04/09/13

I really like this towel! It is very soft and absorbent. I will be ordering more soon!

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