Laundry Bag

Size: 9" x 13"
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The e-cloth ® laundry bag was developed to protect your e-cloth microfiber cloths and the rest of your laundry. All e-cloth microfiber cloths have millions of little grabby fibers that will grab at anything and everything in your washing machine.

The e-cloth laundry bag will keep your e-cloths separate from the rest of your laundry so you won't go to work with a cloth hanging off the back of your pants.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Natalie, 13/09/16

I like the smaller size. I have enough microfiber cloths for their own load, but I like this for keeping other small things separate during laundry. Unfortunately, my seams gave out after two washes and I had to reseam it on the sewing machine. I was a little disappointed in the quality, but now it holds the baby socks just fine.

Reviewed by Teresa, 13/06/12

After cleaning the bathrooms, I put the general purpose cloth & glass cloth in this mesh bag. I throw it in with the next load of laundry even if there are towels in the load. I know it’s not meant to protect the e-cloth from picking up lint from the towels, but so far my e-cloth is lint free. I’ve washed this bag about 8 times & it’s still in great shape. Unlike the dollar store mesh bag that fell apart after one wash.

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