Bathroom Cleaning

e-cloth bathroom pack
Bathroom Pack

Do you ever worry if you're bathing in chemicals after you clean your tub?

ecloth bathroom starter set
Bathroom Starter Set

Clean your Bathroom in Minutes!

Was: $36.96
Now: $24.99
Home Starter Kit
Home Starter 3pc

A perfect set to start with.

mini mop
Mini Deep Clean Mop

Same great features as our Deep Clean Mop but with a smaller base.

non-scratch scrubbers
Non-Scratch Scrubbers 2-Pack

Super little scrubber

Total bathroom cleaning set
Total Bathroom Cleaning Set 6pc
Was: $71.95
Now: $54.99
Universal Stone Pack
Universal Stone Cleaning Set

The Miracle Cleanser!

e-cloth absorbent microfiber cleaning pad
Cleaning Pad

Kate's Favourite e-cloth for Tub and Shower Cleaning

ecloth general purpose cloth Alaskan Blue
General Purpose Cloth


e-cloth glass & polishing cloth Alaskan Blue
Glass & Polishing Cloth

Quite simply, you will NOT believe how well this cleans your windows, mirrors and any shiny surface in your home or vehicle.

Professional e-cloth red
Professional e-cloth

A General Purpose Cloth for Professional Cleaners

ecloth starter value pack
Starter Pack 5pc

You get 1 General Purpose Cloth FREE with this package and you can clean your entire house!

ecloth total package
Home Cleaning Set 8pc

Everything you ever dreamed of in one sweet package.

universal stone
Universal Stone with Applicator

The Miracle Cleanser!


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