Mini Deep Clean Mop

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  • Same amazing power of Deep Clean Mop - removes dirt ,grease, over 99% of bacteria with just water
  • Lightweight and very maneuverable - easily reaches hard to clean areas in bathrooms, kitchens and all around the house
  • True Chemical Free Cleaning on all flooring surfaces, just use water
  • Telescopic handle adjusts so you can clean comfortably regardless of your height - Extends from 36" to 62"
  • Set includes- one telescopic aluminum handle, one mop head base and one 10.5" x 5" Mini Mop head
  • Head guaranteed for 300 machine washes

NOTE: A $10 shipping surcharge applies to this item when shipped to CANADA and ALASKA.

Where to Use:  All Floor Cleaning – vinyl, laminate, stone, ceramic, tile, hardwood, linoleum, concrete

Floor cleaning is also healthy cleaning - Deep Clean Mop removes over 99% of bacteria with just water

This mop has the same amazing cleaning power of the Deep Clean Mop, in a small surface area that allows for easy cleaning around toilets and other tight areas that larger mops can't reach. The base is on a 360° swivel so it maneuvers into corners and around obstacles easily. The modern fiber technology that penetrates and removes dirt, grease, oil, grime and bacteria much better than common mops – and it does it with just water! Gone are the days of using “mystery” chemicals to push around dirt on your floors.

80% polyester / 20% polyamide

Made in Taiwan

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Sara S., 04/03/17

I love this mop. I didn't need a big mop, so this mop was perfect in size and price. I have only got to use it once since buying it, because my children WANT to use it all the time. I really like that it can telescope in height so my 4 year old, my 7 year old and I all can use it comfortably. It also cleans very well too.

Reviewed by Judith, 13/07/16

I live in a smallish apartment, so this mop is perfect. My kitchen is the biggest mop area and using this small mop still took way less time than my traditional mop. Not to mention, I was able to mop while my toddler was running around without any issues (no more wasting nap time on mopping floors). Bonus: when the handle is at its shortest, it's the perfect size for little people to use. In a year or two I won't be the one mopping.

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