Car, Bike, Boat

Introducing e-auto. You're going to love our new line of car, boat, motorcycle and RV cleaning cloths and mitts.

e-auto offers the same great cleaning, guarantee and quality as EVERY e-cloth ® product. Clean your car faster and better with e-auto.

ecloth e-auto car washing microfiber cloth
e-auto Car Cleaning Cloth

A bigger version of our best selling General Purpose cloth, the car cloth cleans it all!

ecloth e-auto car wash microfiber sponge with scrubber
e-auto Dual Action Sponge

Body, bumpers, lights and mirrors. This is the little sponge that could!

e-auto glass and chrome polishing car washing microfiber cloth
e-auto Glass & Chrome Polishing Cloth

Spotless, streak-free and watermark-free windows and chrome. A car-lover's dream.

e-cloth e-auto car washing microfiber kit
e-Auto Car Cleaning Kit

Amazing Fiber Technology for a Luxury Wash!


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