ecloth best microfiber products for chemical-free bathroom and shower cleaning ecloth is the best green cleaning microfiber product for chemical free kitchen cleaning ecloth is the best washable microfiber mop for chemical free, floor cleaning ecloth microfiber is the safe way to clean television, TV, computer, e-reader, Smartphone, and GPS screens

E-cloth® will change the way you clean.

e-cloth® cleaning products work with just water to to clean any hard surface. All you need to do is wipe. So simple and safe that even a child can clean, and clean well!

With e-cloth® fiber technology,  you will:

  • SAVE YOUR BACK - no more buckets of water or baskets of cleansers to carry around. Just the e-cloth® and it hardly weighs anything!

  • NOT WORRY ABOUT BATHING IN CHEMICALS - How much water do you waste after cleaning your tub, trying to make sure all the chemical cleansers and bleach have been washed away so that you can safely bathe in it? You won't waste water or worry about that when you clean with e-cloth® products.

  • BE ABLE TO TREAT YOURSELF -  with the extra money that you'll have in your pocket from switching to e-cloth®! You'l have no more cleansers to buy and e-cloth® lasts for YEARS! It's guaranteed for 300 washes!

  • TRUST THE RELUCTANT CLEANER - e-cloth® is so easy and effective to clean with, that even your grumpy, reluctant teenager with attitude (or a spouse) will do it right! e-cloth® will clean it and your kids/spouse won't believe how easy it was to do a good job.

  • PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT - e-cloth® lasts for years and years, so there's no waste like with paper towels. And you only use water to clean with e-cloth®, there are no harmful chemicals being washed down the drain or sprayed into the air.

  • PROTECT YOUR HEALTH - Did I mention that you don't need any chemicals with e-cloth®?

  • PROTECT YOUR SANITY - e-cloth® will leave your windows spotless, streak-free and lint-free in seconds so you can gaze out your window to a beautiful day instead of stressing about the freaking streaks and lint that your cleansers and paper towels left on the windows.

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