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STOP: If you are ordering the Deep Clean Mop, one of these pads is included with it! But if you'd like a 2nd one, or one for your Norwex mop, you've come to the right page.

Why e-cloth moppings versus old-fashioned floor cleaning?ecloth 300 wash guarantee
You can clean all your hard floors effectively without any chemicals.
By using e-cloth products you take no chances. No toxins. No fumes. No allergic reactions. Using just water, the e-cloth Deep Clean mop damp head uses modern fiber technology to penetrate and remove dirt, grease, oil, grime and bacteria from all floor surfaces. The mop head holds water without dripping, and cleans leaving only a light layer of water that quickly dries.
Easier, faster floor cleaning – having far more cleaning fibers per square inch than common mop heads, e-cloth removes more grime with each swipe, so floor cleaning is also faster and easier. 
Safer, chemical-free cleaning – there are no harmful chemicals or fumes because e-cloth uses fiber function to clean – not a chemical reaction. That’s especially important to allergy and asthma sufferers. There’s also no chemical residue left behind - so children and pets that are at floor level aren’t exposed to them.
Versatile floor cleaning – excellent on all flooring surfaces – vinyl, laminate, stone, ceramic, tile, hardwood, linoleum, concrete.
Money-Saving Cleaning – No cleaning chemicals to buy and the mop heads are durable and reusable.  e-cloth Deep Clean mop heads can be machine-washed over and over while still maintaining their cleaning performance (up to 300 machine-washings). 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Becky C, 11/03/17

I love my deep clean mop heads. I have given a mop to all of my kids and a couple of my friends because they work so great to clean my floors. They love them too. I have 2 pads so that I always have a clean one to use. Kate is especially nice to work with and gets the products out quickly and answers any questions right away!

Reviewed by Barbara , 21/10/16

The e-cloth mop head is the absolute best for both wooden and linoleum floors. I have had the mop for over 10 years and renew the mop head rarely.

Reviewed by Christine , 13/06/15

I love mopping my floors now! Quick, easy and very, very clean. I wish I would have had this mop and mop head years ago, it would have saved me so much time, energy and money. I can't say enough good things about e-cloth products, I really love the way they clean my whole house. Everything is so shiny and clean and it's so easy and almost effortless to get it that way and keep it that way.

Reviewed by Valentyna , 27/04/15

Very good mop! Cleans well with minimum effort. One review says that it does not clean grout. I noticed that even grout becomes somewhat cleaner, though, of course, in order to deep clean the grout mopping never is sufficient.

Reviewed by Jennifer , 08/10/14

We love this, and use it every night after the dry mop to get up all the spilled juice and paw prints! It is safe on our wood floors and I don’t have to worry about my daughter or dog being around chemicals. I also love that I can wash it and don’t have to buy tons of swiffer wet cloths! It picks up a ton of dirt, it’s gross how brown the water is when I rinse it! I just wish it would get into the grout lines on my tile floors, but other than that it’s awesome!

Reviewed by Molly , 02/05/13

Love it! It cleans so well and is such an easy clean up. I use it on my hardwood and linoleum without worry!

Reviewed by ilene , 22/02/13

I love this product. I have 2700+ square feet of tile and this is easy and works great. My floors stay clean with very little effort.

Reviewed by Ivey , 04/12/12

This mop pad is incredible at cleaning floors. I am always surprised at home much dirt it picks up!

Reviewed by Desiree , 23/06/12

I love this mop! I can clean the floors quickly and get back to enjoying my weekend with my family! It works great on my hardwood and tile. I use the dry mop first, and it only takes a few minutes to clean all my floors! My friend has a Norwex mop and mine works as good as hers at half the price.

Reviewed by Brenda , 08/06/12

This cleaned the crayon up from my floors from when my daughter decided to draw the "yellow brick road" from our front door to the back door. I only use it about once a week but it works really well.

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