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Stop Fighting Lint, Streaks and Fingerprints.

The e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing cloth cleans all shiny surfaces brilliantly!
Have you ever cleaned a window and walked away thinking it was clean only to see streaks, film and lint when the sun shines through it? THAT WON'T HAPPEN WITH THE E-CLOTH ® GLASS AND POLISHING CLOTH!
How about your glass stovetop or stainless steel appliances? Do you wipe them and then see watermarks? Fingerprints? Try the e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing cloth. You won't believe the results!

What Can You Clean with the e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing Cloth?

  • windows (try it on your French Doors!)
  • car dash, windows and mirrors
  • mirrors
  • chrome
  • granite countertops
  • glass stovetops
  • jewelry
  • stainless steel
  • faucets and shower fixtures
  • glass shower doors
  • ANYTHING Shiny!
  • Note: Although a fine weave, the Glass & Polishing e-cloth ® is NOT meant to be used on TV or computer screens. Please use the e-cloth Screen Cleaning Pack instead to clean and protect your expensive screen.

Warrantye-cloth 300 wash guarantee

All e-cloth ® cloths and mop pads come with a satisfaction guarantee and a 300-washings performance warranty. Click here for more information on our great Guarantee and Returns.

Washing Instructions

All e-cloth ® cloths and mop pads can be washed in your washing machine with low lint items (like jeans). Cold water will work, but hot water is recommended to allow the fibers to open and release dirt and grease.

Why Switch to e-cloth ® from your Usual Window Cleaning Method?

Cleaning that saves you money – no paper towels or household chemicals to buy. Ecloth performance is guaranteed for 300 machine washings.
Faster, easier cleaning – Ecloth’s fiber function makes cleaning faster and easier. And for most day-to-day use a warm rinse under a faucet is enough to ready it for the next cleaning task. 
Healthier cleaning – Ecloth cleaning is safe for everyone. There’s no chemical reaction involved, just advanced fiber function and water.
Eco-friendly cleaning – Ecloth reduces paper towels landfill waste, and pollution that chemicals create.

Why Kate Likes the Glass & Polishing e-cloth ®

  1. I like that I can clean my bathroom mirror without worrying about chemical sprays falling onto my toothbrush.
  2. We've got a new shower with glass doors and the Glass & Polishing cloth has been great for keeping the doors streak free and for keeping the hard water and soap scum stains at bay.
  3. It's a manageable size and slides easily over windows and mirrors (unlike the window cloths of some of our competitors).
  4. I find it really useful in our car for quickly cleaning the dash and the haze off the inside of the windshield

How is this Different from the General Purpose e-cloth ®?

The Glass & Polishing e-cloth ® has a very fine weave and feels almost silky to the touch. It is not "shaggy" at all. It will remove over 99% of bacteria, but like it's name implies, it's meant for "polishing" rather than deep cleaning. It's generally used AFTER you've used a General Purpose e-cloth (or any of our bathroom, shower, kitchen e-cloths)

Do You Need More than 1 Glass & Polishing e-cloth ®?

You can polish a lot with a single Glass & Polishing e-cloth ®. If you're in a small apartment or house with only a few windows and mirrors, one will be fine. But if you're in a larger house with lots of shiny stuff you might want to invest in a few. I would recommend:

  • one for bathroom cleaning if you have: large mirrors, glass shower doors, lots of beautiful shiny faucets, granite countertops, etc.
  • one for kitchen cleaning if you have: a shiny counter (granite, quartz, engineered stone etc.), stainless steel appliances, and/or a glass stove top. 
  • one for the rest of the house and/or windows
  • Most of our "packs" come with a Glass & Polishing e-cloth and you can save a little money that way. (like the bathroom pack, shower pack, kitchen pack, stainless pack, window pack, etc.)

Do You Need Any Other e-cloths ®?

The Glass & Polishing e-cloth ® is really only meant for "polishing". You can clean your windows and mirrors etc. with it if they're not particularly dirty. For the "heavy" cleaning, you'll want something shaggier than can pick up more dirt/grime/grease, such as a General Purpose cloth.

As I mentioned above, the Glass & Polishing e-cloth is included with a number of our "packs" so if you're looking at a particular cleaning task you can save a bit of money by purchasing a pack instead of the two cloths separately.

How to Use the e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing Cloth

  1. Spray the surface with a mist of water and then wipe clean with the e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing Cloth OR
  2. For dirtier areas, wipe the surface with a damp General Purpose Cloth and then "polish" with a dry Glass & Polishing Cloth


If you're noticing watermarks or streaks after you use the Glass & Polishing Cloth:

  • the cloth is too wet
  • the surface is too dirty. Use a damp General Purpose Cloth to remove the dirt, grease, grime first and then "polish" with the Glass & Polishing Cloth
  • the cloth is removing layers of old cleansers. If you're new to e-cloth ® and had used chemical cleansers/window cleaning sprays in the past, there will be some buildup of these cleansers on the surface. Use a damp General Purpose Cloth first to remove the buildup and then polish with the Glass & Polishing Cloth.


Reviewed by Pat W, 29/08/18

Wasn't sure what to expect but decided to give this a try. Oh My!! I am amazed at how clean and streak free my windows, mirrors, all things shiny, are. Love that I no longer am using chemicals.

Reviewed by Ann , 30/11/17

I have 39 windows, full glass doors and large wall mirrors. These cloths clean perfectly without leaving streaks. Every cleaner I have tried left streaks and seemed to attract dust- these work perfect! I also use them to dust after I am finished using on glass. Rinse and hang dry. I live in a very dry climate, so can hang dry all the products.

Reviewed by Nancy N, 11/09/17

I sell this product in our hospital gift shop. People are coming from miles around to purchase this product. Windows and mirrors are spectacular after using this cloth and they stay clean longer!

Reviewed by Bonnie , 01/12/16

love this cloth! works great on glass table top

Reviewed by Bobbi , 05/07/16

My daughter gave me this product for Mother's Day. I started with bathroom mirrors that I thought looked pretty decent... boy, was I wrong! Next, I tried my shower 8 year old double sliding doors that I could never make sparkle, so I've only used 15-20 times. They're greatly improved; maybe I'll even start using the shower. Next, I tried a swinging shower door and it looks amazing! I tried my stainless refrigerator door and it is also better. When my cleaning lady came and I instructed her how to do all my glass shelves, mirrors and shower doors. By the time she finished the master bath, she wanted to know where she could get a set. I sent her Kate's link

Reviewed by Julie , 12/04/16

Great cloth. We use a damp one and then a dry one for streak free windows and mirrors. I love that the kids can do it too and that there are no weird chemicals.

Reviewed by Lisa , 06/04/16

I love this cloth to clean my windows. I use the general purpose cloth to wash the windows and then use the glass & polishing cloth to dry them. So easy and streak free using only water. I also have the Norwex window cloth and these work just as well for a fraction of the cost. Would definitely recommend.

Reviewed by Laura , 23/03/15

cloth is great, my profession is housekeeping,and having a product that is versatile is key to my job, I use an e-cloth for wiping then take the polishing cloth after which is great due to no lint, I green clean so using a cloth with no chemicals is perfect, dries fast too, will keep buying these as they are easy to use.

Reviewed by Lea H, 21/09/14

Totally amazing! This works even on my glass hood which gets grease built up over a couple of weeks. 0 streaks!

Reviewed by Tracy , 31/08/14

This is by far the best product I have ever used for windows! I love to have crystal clear windows and had always used the vinegar/newspaper/Windex routine, which did the trick but left a newspaper ink residue on my white window frames. After a friend suggested these products I just had to see for myself. I cleaned EVERY windowed and mirrored surface in my home the day I got them! What an amazing product that does EXACTLY what it promised. You will not be disappointed at the ease of using the ecloth for all of your window needs. I have never been happier and I am a clean freak!

Reviewed by ADW , 11/07/14

AMAZING! I was so excited when this set arrived! I immediately went to my bathroom to try it out on the mirror. I have used multiple glass cleaners, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and other microfiber towels. If it wasn't streaked, there was lint. If there wasn't lint, it was messy and burned my hands. I stood in disbelief after I saw how wonderful the glass and polishing cloth were. The glass cloth alone, does a great job. When you use the polishing cloth, you can actually feel the mirror/glass get silky smooth.

I've used this set on my mirrors, faucets, patio door windows, stainless steel appliances, and my car windows. My outcomes have completely exceeded my expectations.

My mom and sister both have Norwex, but I fought buying them off forever because I didn't want to pay that much for towels. I found this site because of Kate's Norwex reviews. I was really skeptical because the e-cloths were so much cheaper. I was amazed! I cannot believe how great these towels are, and the price is incredible. I will never clean with anything else.

I also have eczema on my hands and forearms. These towels clean better than any chemical or cloth I have ever used, and it doesn't irritate my eczema at all.

These towels are a MUST for any home in this world! I cannot sing its praises enough! This is an absolute must have!!

Reviewed by Michelle F, 06/04/14

I love this cloth and how it leaves windows and mirrors streak free. I also love that I do not have to use any stinky chemicals.

Reviewed by Meg , 11/03/14

Great product! Great sales and wonderful, prompt customer service!

Reviewed by Brad , 08/10/13

I find that using the polishing e-cloth does such a nice job on my black refrigerator. All the smears and water spots disappear and leaves a brilliant shine afterwards. I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Heather , 08/07/13

Excellent product! I use a damp sponge to moisten a mirror or window- wipe with e-cloth, and voila!crystal clean. Fast and no film or streaks! Works great in the car for dog kissed windows. Just wipe.

Reviewed by Kate , 30/11/12

This works great for the bathroom mirrors! Leaves a great shine and doesn't leave anything behind!

Reviewed by Chriss , 30/10/12

Loved this seller ... so professional & accommodating. Great product.

Reviewed by Shelia , 10/09/12

Thank you so much for the info on your sales and such. I have been trying the cloths on every surface that seems feasible! I have to admit something to you, however. When I ordered the e-cloth, I actually thought it was the Norwex. My fault that I wasn't paying attention. Sometimes mistakes happen for a reason.. My friend had told me about these incredible window cleaning cloths that her daughter purchased thru a home party. I thought, no party for me I will find them for sale on the internet which led me to your site. Long story short, I realized after ordering that they were not, but figured why not give this product a chance. Glad I did.

They work not only on my windows and mirrors, but I washed my large glass sconces, cloches, cake plates and they have never been so clear and free of film!!

Okay, I am a believer. Will be trying the kitchen cleaner next and ordering a few more general purpose e-cloths.

Reviewed by Brad , 08/08/12

I use it to clean mirrors and windows and the chrome on faucets, etc. This cloth does a wonderful job and it is so nice to know I don't ever have to purchase glass cleaner again!!

Reviewed by Desiree , 23/06/12

I have the Norwex version of this cloth and i was surprised to see how different the texture/feel was between these 2 cloths and was skeptical it would clean as well... It cleans just as good, and it seems to "stick" less when wiping the mirrors/glass

Reviewed by Jennifer , 21/06/12

I will never buy windex again! I give these away for every bridal and baby shower I go to now because they are such a great product!

Reviewed by Roz , 18/06/12

I've been a lover of Norwex products for years and wasn't sure that I would like e-cloth as much but this polishing cloth is great. It's smaller than the Norwex one but easier to use. I have been using it mostly for my bathroom mirror but tried it on my engagement ring this morning. WOW!

For people that haven't tried one before, you really are going to be amazed. I only have 1 because I also have a Norwex one but I would definitely suggest people by at least 2. I hope this helps

Reviewed by Debbie J, 07/06/12

I have struggled with streaky mirrors and windows for years - not any more! :) I absolutely love this cloth. My windowed storm door on the front of the house is so clean you can't tell the glass is there! I am buying more for family and friends.

Reviewed by Has , 07/05/12

I love this cloth to clean my bathroom mirror. I use the general purpose e-cloth followed by the glass & polishing cloth. I don't need to use windex anymore to get a streak free mirror.

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