Dusting Cloths - 2pk

e-cloth dusting cloths
2 Dusting Cloths: 12.5" x 12.5"
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Dusting e-cloths ® Pick up Everything from Drywall Dust to Pet Hair!

The Dusting e-cloths are unlike other microfiber dusting cloths. Ours are 100% polyester fibers (rather than a polyester/polyamide blend) that provides a natural positive static charge that attracts dust and hair.

Don't let its nice soft and fleecy texture fool you. The e-cloth ® dusting cloth packs a powerful dusting punch. I've used it to dust my stairs which were covered in drywall dust, sand (we have a sandbox and a 3 year old. Need I say more?) and dog dander & hair. The e-cloth ® dusting cloth picked up everything!

Other dusting cloths push pet hair in front of them. The e-cloth ® dusting cloth actually grabs it and holds it!

"Dusting" sprays and polishes leave sticky residues on your furniture that actually ATTRACT dust! With the e-cloth ® Dusting Cloth, no sprays are needed so you get a truly clean and dust-free surface. The e-cloth ® Dusting cloth is Lint-free and safe even on delicate surfaces due to the soft, non abrasive fibers.

(Not for use on electronic screens and delicate lenses.)

100% polyester - Made in Korea

What Can You Dust with the e-cloth ® Dusting Cloth?

  • anything but electronic screens and delicate lenses

  • it's perfect for:

    • blinds
    • furniture
    • pictures
    • decorative baskets
    • stairs
    • light fixtures
    • ceiling fans
    • window and door screens
    • the dashboard of your car
    • entertainment systems - just remember to turn the system off at least 15 minutes before you dust other wise the static in the system will overpower the static charge in the e-cloth
    • the top of your fridge
    • baseboards and trim
    • panels in doors
    • knick-knacks, figurines and collectibles

Warrantye-cloth 300 wash guarantee

All e-cloth ® cloths and mop pads come with a satisfaction guarantee and a 300-washings performance warranty. Click here for more information on our great Guarantee and Returns.

Washing Instructions

All e-cloth ® cloths and mop pads can be washed in your washing machine with low lint items (like jeans). Cold water will work, but hot water is recommended to allow the fibers to open and release dirt and grease.

Your e-cloth ® dusting cloth will pick up and hold onto a LOT of dust so I recommend brushing it off into the garbage (or outside) to get rid of some of it before laundering.

Why Switch to e-cloth ® from your Usual Dusting Method?

Cleaning that saves you money – no paper towels or household chemicals to buy. e-cloth ® performance is guaranteed for 300 machine washings.

Faster, easier cleaning – e-cloth ®’s fiber function makes cleaning faster and easier.

Healthier cleaning – e-cloth ® cleaning is safe for everyone. There’s no chemical reaction involved, just advanced fiber function and water.


Eco-friendly cleaning – e-cloth ® reduces paper towels landfill waste, and pollution that chemicals create.


Please Note: Although very soft, the Dusting e-cloth ® is not designed to be used on TV and computer screens. Please use the e-cloth ® Screen Cleaning Pack with CleanSafe that will not only clean these delicate screens, this tandem will restore its protective optical coatings.



Why Kate LOVES Dusting e-cloths

  1. They pick up dog hair!
  2. They pick up dog hair!
  3. I love how these cloths trap the dust. Only rarely do I see dust fall off the cloth or away from the surface that I'm dusting. Even when I dust the ceiling lamps.
  4. Did I mention they pick up dog hair?
  5. Call me crazy but I find using these cloths to be the easiest way to clean the stairs in my house. They get right into the corners and around the spindles and since they hold onto the dust and hair, I don't have to worry about it falling over the side of the stairs into the hallway or onto furniture.
  6. It's important to me that these are machine washable dusters so there's nothing to throw out.

Do I Need Anything besides the Dusting e-cloths?

Yes and No.

If you're here looking specifically for dusting cloths than you've come to the right place. Buy these.

But, the Dusting e-cloths are a bit of a one-trick pony. They're only meant for dusting. If you're looking for something for other household cleaning tasks (like counters, sinks, stove, bathroom, kitchen, etc.), I'd recommend that you also look at the General Purpose e-cloth.

Why Can't I Use a General Purpose e-cloth for Dusting?

You CAN use a General Purpose e-cloth for dusting. It works pretty well and if you can only afford one cloth, I always recommend it because it's so darned versatile. BUT, the Dusting e-cloths are better dusters.

Why Isn't My Dusting Cloth Working?

  1. If you're dusting electronics - make sure to turn them off 15 minutes before dusting. Otherwise there will be a static charge that will render your dusting cloth useless
  2. Did you accidentally use fabric softener when you washed your ecloth? Don't worry - just wash your cloths again to get rid of the softener
  3. Have you washed your cloths recently?  When they're too dirty, they won't work well

What's the Difference Between these Cloths and the High Performance Dusting Cloth?

These dusting cloths are 100% polyester and can only be used dry.  The High Performance Dusting Cloth is a polyester/polyamide mix and can be used dry or damp. 

I find these cloths more effective at general dusting (of regular household dust, drywall dust, dander and pet hair) and I like dusting with a dry cloth BUT... the High Performance cloth has longer fibers on one side that are good at getting into cracks and the mesh on window screens. Some people have also commented that they like the High Peformance cloth better for blinds.

How to Use the e-cloth ® Dusting Cloth

  1. Use the e-cloth ® Dusting Cloth DRY.
  2. Fold the cloth in half and then in half again (so you'll have 8 square sides of the cloth to use) and wipe the surface.
  3. When a part of the cloth becomes full of dust, use another part.
  4. When the entire cloth is full of dust, take it outside (or over the toilet or garbage) and shake it out or brush it off. Then you can use it again before laundering it.
  5. If dusting electonics: first, do NOT dust electronics screens with these cloths (they will remove the protective coating). For the rest of electonics (like the top/back of tvs and computers, stereos, etc.), turn the item off 15 minutes before you dust to get rid of the electric/static charge.


Reviewed by Cev , 16/07/16

These are very different from the general purpose cloths and are wonderful for picking up dust. I find it so easy to fold this up and quickly run it over all the furniture in our house (dining room, living room, TV room, guest room, sewing room, master, all dusted with one cloth!). Now I actually want to clean my house on a weekly basis. I just toss it in the wash with some bed sheets when I'm done with it. So easy.

Reviewed by Carolyn , 18/04/16

These dusting cloths work great and I highly recommend them! No furniture spray with buildup anymore!

Reviewed by Susan , 09/02/15

This dusting cloth is fantastic and picks up and holds more dust than any other. Love it!

Reviewed by Jen , 11/02/14

Fantastic. Static works. Kids love dusting with these.

Reviewed by Sandy , 27/01/13

AWESOME!!! I absolutely HATE dusting....still do, lol! But, this cloth is fabulous, picked up the dust the first time and I didn't have to dust again for a few days!!!

Reviewed by Jamie , 10/01/13

Now my kids can help me dust...and I know they are getting the job done. It's that easy (they are 5 and 7, HA!). LOVE that you get two! One for upstairs, one for downstairs. Perfect!

Reviewed by Carrie , 17/09/12

I absolutely LOVE these dusting cloths. They work better than anything I've ever used, and they really do hold onto the dust! (All of it!) They're SO effective and make dusting SO easy & fast that (and I can't believe I'm saying this) I actually kind of LIKE dusting now! There's nothing like them, and even my husband agreed after I got him to try them out. (I'm not kidding here - he sheepishly said to me afterwards, “This will sound crazy, but I actually LIKE dusting with these.” He added that he even wouldn’t mind dusting the whole house for me since the dust cloths make it so easy & quick. Yeah, I did a double-take on that one – “Um, can I hear you say that again?” Go ahead, honey, be my guest!)

Reviewed by Cindy , 19/06/12

I bought these cloths and they came so fast. The service was great! I love these cloths and think that they work wonderfully! I would recommend these to everyone. Easy to clean, too!

Reviewed by Lynn , 11/06/12

For some reason, I have a hard time finding something to pick up all the dust off of the base of my flat panel TV. This dust cloth works perfectly, and picks up everthing, including cat fur. Love it!!

Reviewed by Desiree , 08/06/12

AWESOME!! Even picks up dog hair... I'm retiring my norwex dusting mitt because this works 100 times better

Reviewed by Brenda , 06/06/12

I want to thank you for recommending the dusting cloths to me. I'm impressed with how well they work and you were right - they do dust better than the General Purpose cloth. I only gave it 4 stars because I don't like brushing it off.

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