Non-Scratch Scouring Cloth

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Includes one 12.5" x 12.5" Non-Scratch Scouring Cloth

Whether for general cleaning, washing up the dishes, or scrubbing vegetables, this cloth will do it all.

This dual-sided cloth has a unique scrubbing side and a smooth general-purpose side.

The scrubbing side can be used to remove stubborn grease and dirt from appliances, countertops, sinks, and more, without scratching the surface.

The scrubbing side is also suitable for washing and scrubbing vegetables. The smooth side is ideal for general cleaning and does not require harsh detergents to get the job done - just use water.

Contains 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide
Made in South Korea

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lily, 01/05/17

I bought this cloth for washing and scabbing vegetables to remove dirt, wax and chemicals from them (hoping it's a good substitute for Norwex's vegetable cloth) I should say it works good on potatoes, carrots, beets, but I am not very happy with results on apples, cucumbers and other vegetables that has wax on them. So will give only 3 stars.

Reviewed by Krimson Rose, 29/10/14

Works really well for cleaning up tougher caked on issues without scratching the surface. No fear when using it for my non-stick ceramic pans! Knocked one star off because of size. Very large and not as easily held in hands for some small scrubbing without getting the whole cloth wet. I think if they quartered the cloth and sold them in a smaller 4 pack (for same price) It would work better. Much like a kitchen sponge but without the squishy feeling. So instead of one cloth at 12x12, four at 6x6 would be way better in my opinion. Right now I fold it, but feel as if the extra fabric is a bit of a waste.

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