Exfoliating Body Mitt

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Exfoliate and Tone Your Skin While You Wash!

The ebody™ Exfoliating Body Mitt gently removes dead skin cells while you wash. 

  • stimulates and tones the skin to keep it looking firm and radiant.
  • eliminates excess oil and skin impurities from the pores, without the need for harsh, expensive body scrubs and skin peel products
  • Uses Micro-brush technology for a refreshing and deep clean.
  • Special loop-shaped fibers work with just a little soap to gently sweep away dead skin cells while you wash
  • Cleans with just water – no harsh make-up removers or cleansing lotions
  • Size 7.75” x 4.75”

The Exfoliating Body Mitt is ideal for those who suffer from skin irritations as a result of using chemically enhanced skin care products or for anyone that prefers the more nature approach.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Connie Molnar, 27/03/13

I like this mitt. It's "scrubby" without being too rough. I also use it on my face occasionally, and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

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