Eye Cleansing Pad

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Gently Remove Eye Makeup Like Never Before

Use the e-body® Eye Cleansing Pad with a touch of soap and water and the superfine cleansing fibers will creat a rich lather of microscopic bubbles. The bubbles clean deep into pores, leaving skin refreshed and beautifully clean.

  • Care for your body naturally without chemicals - a natural approach to skin care and make-up removal

  • Interaction of the super fine cleansing fibers with a little soap and water creates a rich lather of micro-bubbles that clean deep into pores

  • Gently removes eye make-up and mascara using only water

  • Also removes skin impurities and excess oil from pores

  • Cleans with just water – no harsh make-up removers or cleansing lotions

  • Ideal for customers with allergies to lotions and skin care products

  • Size 6.25” x 3.5”


The ebody™ Eye Cleansing Pad easily and gently removes eye make-up and mascara. It also eliminates excess oil and skin impurities from the pores, to leave the eyes feeling clean and fresh. No need for harsh, expensive make-up removers or cleansing lotions. Uses micro-bubble technology for a deep cleanse.


The Eye Cleansing Pad is ideal for those who suffer from skin irritations as a result of using chemically enhanced skin care products or for anyone that prefers a more natural approach to skin care.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jo , 07/12/17

I bought this pad to remove mascara because I felt the makeup remover I was using was too harsh and required too much scrubbing to get the mascara off. I use this with just water, and all my mascara (water soluble) comes off with just dabbing. I have also tried wiping my face with the pad (water only) after I have washed with my cleanser, and I have found that extra makeup that was left behind by my cleanser is removed by this pad.

Reviewed by Connie , 27/03/13

I like this eye pad. The skin around my eyes is prone to extreme dryness, and I can clean off makeup with just a dab of cleanser and by gently blotting around my eyes. I have also removed mascara with just water and gently blotting. My only disappointment is the the hanging loop is sewed on the inside rather than the outside of the pad, which makes hanging up the pad a little awkward. My rating is based on the pad itself; not where the loop is located.

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