Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster

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  • Removes dust, dirt, hair, cobwebs and allergens from floors, walls and ceilings
  • Better than Swiffer®* and other leading floor duster brands:
    • Outperforms – cleaner floors in less time
    • Multi-purpose – cleans floors, walls & ceilings
    • Stronger stick – does not bend during use
    • Re-usable head – 100 wash guarantee saves money over disposable cloths
    • Environmentally friendly – significantly less waste than disposable cloths
  • Flexi-edges clean into corners, baseboards and easily around legs to chairs, tables and any other furniture
  • Lightweight and highly maneuverable
  • Telescopic handle adjustable 3’ -5’
  • Flexi-edge Head 17.5” x 5.5”
  • Head is 100% polyester. - Made in China
  • Machine wash in Warm water, regular detergent, no bleach, no fabric softener.  Dry on Medium Heat or Air Dry.

Note: this item has a $12 shipping surcharge for international (and Alaska) orders due to the size.

*Swiffer® is a registered trademark of Procter & Gamble.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Karen, 03/05/18

The mop head is matted after washing. It worked fine out of the box, but won't wash up. I regret this purchase.

Reviewed by Kim Slaymaker, 27/03/18

OH my goodness, I love these products!! My house is looking More and more Shiny every week. OK I admit I only clean once a week. We had a shipping problem and it was resolved immediately. That's how you know a great company, it's how they deal with problems.

Reviewed by Mary, 02/12/17

After the first use, the mop head was matted. I’ve tried washing it and even attempted brushing the fibers to see if i could untangle them. Nothing has worked and it’s pretty much useless now. It picks up nothing. Pretty disappointing because I really liked the way it could reach high ceilings as well as baseboards.

Reviewed by GREAT MOP, 03/11/16

Used daily on my wood floors, picks up everything and the ease of using it is a pleasure for this chore.

Reviewed by J, 28/03/16

Easy to use, best dust mop, can't get it away from my Grandson.

Reviewed by Christine, 13/06/15

I like the Flexi-Edge Floor and Wall Duster, but I noticed that it doesn't pick up fine, sandy particles that well. But, it does a great job picking up dust on the floors and around ceiling corners.

Reviewed by cathy, 25/04/15

love this mop. It picks up everything on my tile and hardwood floors and has made cleaning baseboards super easy. I have huge crown molding and use it to clean up by the ceiling too and it works wonderfully.

Reviewed by Peggy, 26/11/14

I have a small cleaning business and I already love the deep clean floor mop with accompanying dust mop head. I thought I'd give the new flexi duster a try and I am not disappointed. It makes super quick and thorough work of dusting cobwebs from ceilings, blinds, baseboards and under and around furniture, particularly in rooms with hardwood floors. It picks up everything - and did I say QUICKLY? That's especially valuable to someone who cleans for a living - efficiency is important. If I were new to ecloth, I'd order the Total Floor Care Set, which includes both the deep clean mop and flexi floor duster for the best discount. The entire set makes quick work of cleaning floors and more! I'm a fan :)

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