Gift Ideas

A few of the most popular items, products customers have told me they covet and a few of Kate's personal favorites!

pet grooming mitt 2 sides
Pet Grooming Mitt

Oh your dog is going to love this!

ebody body exfoliating mitt
Exfoliating Body Mitt

Natural Skin Care at it's Simplest.

ecloth glasses cleaning microfiber cloth
Glasses Cleaning cloth

Safe on ALL types of glasses and camera lenses

ebody microfiber hair drying turban
Hair Turban

Eat your breakfast while you dry your hair.

This item is out of stock
ecloth personal electronics phone and tablet cloth
Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloth

The SAFE way to clean fingerprints off your iphone, e-reader, Smartphone, GPS and Ipad

ecloth deep clean mop best washable microfiber mop
Deep Clean Mop

e-cloth ® voted Best Washable Mop by REALSIMPLE magazine!

ecloth total package
Home Cleaning Set 8pc

Everything you ever dreamed of in one sweet package.

universal stone
Universal Stone with Applicator

The Miracle Cleanser!

epet microfiber pet cleaning and drying towel pkg
Pet Cleaning & Drying Towel

Perfect for Dirty or Wet Dogs

epet microfiber pet cleaning and drying towel large pkg
Pet Cleaning & Drying Towel - LARGE

Got a large Pet? Or maybe 2?

e-cloth e-auto car washing microfiber kit
e-Auto Car Cleaning Kit

Amazing Fiber Technology for a Luxury Wash!


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