Glasses Cleaning cloth

Size: 7.5" x 7.5"
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  • Gives a smear-free clean to all types of eyeglasses, frames and coated lens
  • Removes stubborn marks
  • Handy pocket size 7.5" x 7.5"
  • Ideal for cameras and other lens

Warrantye-cloth 300 wash guarantee

All e-cloth ® cloths and mop pads come with a satisfaction guarantee and a 300-washings performance warranty. Click here for more information on our great Guarantee and Returns.

Washing Instructions

All e-cloth ® cloths and mop pads can be washed in your washing machine with low lint items (like jeans). Cold water will work, but hot water is recommended to allow the fibers to open and release dirt and grease.


Is this Cloth Safe for Sunglasses?


What about Protective Coatings on my Glasses?

This cloth is absolutely safe and won't remove the protective coating on your glasses.

Is this cloth any better than the microfiber cloth that came with my Glasses?

My husband - who is a long-time glasses wearer - is VERY impressed with this cloth. He tells me that it cleans his glasses better, and you can go longer between launderings than with the cloth that came with his glasses. Also, it's larger than the cloths he typically gets free.

Can I use the Glasses Cloth on my Electronics?

Yes. The Glasses Cleaning cloth is safe on your TV, Computer, smart phone and "gadget" screens.  Actually, it is the same fabric/weave of the Personal Electronics cloth.  The only difference is that it is smaller and perhaps not conveniently sized for large screens.

Reviewed by kulgudz, 11/07/12

a nice small size for cleaning eyeglasses this cloth does a fantastic job on glasses wet or dry.

Reviewed by Mark, 31/05/12

Really great cloth at a great price. Just put in an order for another one. Thanks.

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