How ecloth Works

Lab tests prove ecloths®remove more than 99% of bacteria with just water! 

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High-performance fiber function and plain water. The new way to clean.

e-cloth cleans everything more thoroughly than traditional cleaning, and it’s faster and easier for you.
how ecloth microfiber works better

ecloth ® boasts high quality fibers and advanced fabrication that provide unmatched cleaning performance. It’s a combination of two basic fibers, Polyester and Polyamide (a nylon by-product).

  • These fibers are split and formed into a fabric of 80% Polyester (the scrubbing and cleaning fiber), and 20% Polyamide (the absorbing and quick drying fiber).
  • These threads are very small in diameter, making them ideal for cleaning because they possess far more cleaning edges to pick up dirt than any other fabric in the world.
  • Rated in denier (the unit for measuring fineness of fabric) a strand of cotton has a rating of 200. A human hair has a denier of 20 and a strand of silk has a denier of 8.  The average microfiber has a denier of 1.0.  e-cloth ® fiber has a denier of 0.13.
  • Each fiber is 1/200th the width of a human hair and is split into 16 fiber strands resulting in a standard ecloth ® having an extraordinary 500 million strands per cloth
  • e-cloths ® have up to 1.6 MILLION strands per square inch!
  • Unlike conventional cloths, as you draw an ecloth ® across a surface, the fibers clean by breaking up, trapping and absorbing dirt, grease, oil, grime and bacteria from all hard surfaces.
  • The standard ecloth ® is capable of rapidly absorbing up to 7X its weight in water.

There’s microfiber, then there is e-cloth® Microfiber...

"Microfiber" is a general term used to describe a wide variety of materials fabricated using ultra-fine fibers. There is a large disparity of quality from one to another. Because the term microfiber is not regulated, great products like ecloth ® share the same designation with poor ones – so the association is often misleading. Understandably, inexpensive microfibers do not clean as well, and are not as durable as premium microfiber. The overall performance of many microfibers can be disappointing. Only high quality fibers are used in the manufacture of ecloth ® and we ensure that each fabric specification has the cloth's end-use in mind for the highest level of cleaning effectiveness.

What does e-cloth® Clean?

You’ll be impressed with e-cloth's cleaning versatility. You’ll clean better everywhere. The science behind it enables exceptional cleaning results on a wide variety of hard surfaces, including: Glass, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Wood, Counter Tops, Granite, Tile, Ceramic, Marble

Where does e-cloth® Clean?

You’ll quickly discover that ecloth ® is the best cleaning companion you’ve ever had in a wide variety of places, and making cleaning easier, faster and less expensive.
Kitchen – From toasters to refrigerators, and everything in-between – floors included. Especially good on anything stainless steel – a cleaning frustration in most homes.
Bathroom – Sparkling clean mirrors, sinks, faucets, tubs, tile, shower stalls, floors
General – Streak-free windows, removes dust anyplace, great on all non-carpeted flooring surfaces, handy in workshops – ecloth ® is good in so many places
Drinkware – Finally a cloth that leaves all glassware streak-free, spot-free and lint-free all-at-once.
Electronics – Clean and protect the sensitive screens of today’s TV’s, computer monitors, cell phones, MP3s, PDAs and GPS units. Also good on the lenses of expensive camera’s, binoculars and eyewear.
Please note: Some screen and lens manufacturers advise cleaning with a microfiber cloth. The only cloths we recommend in the ecloth ® product line are those designed for these special surfaces:
  • Screen Cleaning Pack
  • Lens Cleaning Pack
  • Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloths
  • Digital Photo Frame Cleaning
Outdoor – From furniture on the deck and patio to boats, campers and RV’s. With just water, ecloth ® makes cleaning away from home convenient.
Workplace – Everywhere in the office and break room.

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back 

ecloth ® cleans everything more thoroughly than traditional cleaning, and it’s faster and easier for you.

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