Kate's Picks

These are my tried and true favourite products.

ecloth bathroom starter set
Bathroom Starter Set

Clean your Bathroom in Minutes!

Was: $36.96
Now: $29.99
e-cloth absorbent microfiber cleaning pad
Cleaning Pad

Kate's Favourite e-cloth for Tub and Shower Cleaning

ecloth deep clean mop best washable microfiber mop
Deep Clean Mop

e-cloth ® voted Best Washable Mop by REALSIMPLE magazine!

e-cloth wet mop microfiber head
Deep Clean Mop Head

E-cloth Deep Clean Damp Mop Pad will clean ANY hard surface floor like it's never been cleaned before!

e-cloth dry dust mop head
Dust Mop Head

Pick up pet hair and the smallest particles of dust and dirt - even dry wall dust - from your floors, walls and celings!

ecloth floor cleaning set
Floor Cleaning Set 3pc

For those of you with lots of floor to mop!

Was: $67.97
Now: $59.99
e-cloth general purpose cloth 4 pack
General Purpose Cloth - 4 Pack

4 for the price of 3!

e-cloth glass & polishing cloth 4-Pack
Glass & Polishing Cloth - 4 Pack

Save $7 with this pack.

Home Starter Kit
Home Starter 3pc

A perfect set to start with.

Kitchen Dynamo
ecloth kitchen pack
Kitchen Pack

Bet ya didn't know you could clean your entire kitchen in minutes with just a little water.

ecloth personal electronics phone and tablet cloth
Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloth

The SAFE way to clean fingerprints off your iphone, e-reader, Smartphone, GPS and Ipad

epet microfiber pet cleaning and drying towel large pkg
Pet Cleaning & Drying Towel - LARGE

Got a large Pet? Or maybe 2?

ecloth starter value pack
Starter Pack 5pc

You get 1 General Purpose Cloth FREE with this package and you can clean your entire house!

This item is out of stock
Universal Stone Pack
Universal Stone Cleaning Set

The Miracle Cleanser!

universal stone
Universal Stone with Applicator

The Miracle Cleanser!


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