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appliance cleaning set
Appliance Cleaning Set 8pc
Was: $53.95
Now: $39.99
ecloth bathroom starter set
Bathroom Starter Set

Clean your Bathroom in Minutes!

Was: $36.96
Now: $24.99
total home care set
Complete Home Care Set

This set has it ALL!

daily cleaning set
Daily Cleaning Set

All you need to keep on top of dust, spills and fingerprints.

ecloth dusting package
Dusting Set 4pc

Get rid of that dust - here, there and everywhere

Was: $60.96
Now: $49.99
e-cloth general purpose cloth 4 pack
General Purpose Cloth - 4 Pack

4 for the price of 3!

Home Starter Kit
Home Starter 3pc

A perfect set to start with.

Office Cleaning Set
Office Cleaning Set 5pc
Was: $33.95
Now: $24.99
ecloth pet cleaning set
Pet Grooming Set

Pet Cleaning made Easy

ecloth pet cleaning set
Pet Grooming Set LARGE

Pet Cleaning made Easy

safe home baby set
Safe Home Baby Care Set 6pc
Was: $43.96
Now: $34.99
ecloth starter value pack
Starter Pack 5pc

You get 1 General Purpose Cloth FREE with this package and you can clean your entire house!

Total bathroom cleaning set
Total Bathroom Cleaning Set 6pc
Was: $71.95
Now: $54.99
total floor care pack
Total Floor Care Set 4pc

2 Mops, 1 Great Price!

Was: $88.96
Now: $69.99
ecloth window pack
Window Pack

Say goodbye to streaky and hazy windows & mirrors!

ecloth total package
Home Cleaning Set 8pc

Everything you ever dreamed of in one sweet package.

ecloth floor cleaning set
Floor Cleaning Set 3pc

For those of you with lots of floor to mop!

Was: $67.97
Now: $49.99

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