Pet Grooming Mitt

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Your Pet is going to LOVE This!

Hover your mouse over any of the images above for a zoomed in view of the fibers!

  • Dual sided Grooming Mitt removes dirt, bacteria and loose hair while providing a gently massaging action that leaves fur with a glossy natural sheen

  • Includes specially created grooming fibers to remove loose hair

  • Two-tone side (grayish) cleaning and polishes - grooms away loose hair and debris from pet's coat

  • Cream side great for gently grooming around facial area

  • size: 11" x 5.9"

  • 88% Polyester, 12% Polyamide

  • Made in South Korea

Warrantye-cloth 300 wash guarantee

All e-cloth ® microfiber cloths and mop pads come with a satisfaction guarantee and a 300-washings performance warranty. Click here for more information on our great Guarantee and Returns.

Washing Instructions

All e-cloth ® microfiber cloths and mop pads can be washed in your washing machine with low lint items (like jeans). Cold water will work, but hot water (60oC or 140oF) is recommended to allow the fibers to open and release dirt and grease.


Why Does Kate's Dog LOVE the Grooming Mitt?

I don't know why, but she does. Roxy is not a dog that likes to be brushed, but she lies, "trance-like" when I'm using this on her.

3 Reasons Why Kate Loves The Grooming Mitt?

  1. Because Roxy loves it and I get some darned good quality time with my doggie
  2. It leaves Roxy's coat shiny and clean
  3. it picks up some loose hair and... are you ready for this... the hair seems to stay in the mitt instead of falling all over the floor! Sweet!

What Does the Grooming Mitt Feel Like?

Take a look at the image below. This is the lighter side of the mitt. I call it the "whisker" side because that's what those little orange things feel like. They're long enough that they bend a bit and just lightly scratch rather than poke. You can get a better view of this by scrolling through the images at the top of the page and putting your mouse on any one of them to zoom in.

The other side of the mitt feels like long, shaggy microfiber.

grooming mitt whisker-side

Does the Grooming Mitt Work?

I'm writing this in springtime. The time of year when Roxy starts shedding, her skin is dry, and she starts rolling in the grass and mud so her coat is grimy feeling.

I started using the mitt about a week ago and have noticed a dramatic change in Roxy's coat. It feels GREAT! And it's super shiny. The grooming mitt doesn't remove as much hair as I thought it would but it certainly picks up the dander, dust and dirt off her coat.

Do you Still Need to Brush Your Dog if You Use the Grooming Mitt?

Roxy is a black Labrador Retriever so she's got that real thick, course hair. I'm finding the mitt does remove some hair but not as much as the brush I usually use. I expect I'll still have to use a brush on her at times - especially during those periods when her hair falls out in clumps.

Do you Still Need to Bathe Your Dog if You use the Grooming Mitt?

As a general rule, I try not to bathe Roxy unless I absolutely have to. Dogs need those natural oils in their coat and, well... Roxy really hates the shower and it just ain't fun. That being said, she does regularly roll in things and I do clean her then. But instead of a shower, I wet the Pet Cleaning Mitt or Pet Cleaning Towel and wipe her clean.

The Grooming Mitt is great for day-to-day coat maintenance but there will be times when you'll need to clean your dog, I'm sure.

How Often Do You Use the Pet Grooming Mitt?

I guess as much as you want. I tell ya, Roxy loves this thing so we're using it several times a day! Every time I sit down to pat her, I use the mitt. She's been neglected the last few years since the kids were born and her buddy, Riley, died. So I try to give her at least a few minutes of quality love every day. This mitt has put her in heaven.

What is the Difference between the Pet GROOMING Mitt and the Pet CLEANING Mitt?

  1. The Grooming Mitt is meant for day-to-day care of your pet's coat. It removes loose hair, dust, grime and dander
  2. The Cleaning Mitt is meant for washing your pet. So if Brutus rolled in something dead or ran through a mud puddle, the Cleaning Mitt is what you want.
  3. The fibers on these two mitts is completely different. The Grooming Mitt has a "whiskery" side and long, plush fibers for removing and trapping dander and dirt. The Cleaning Mitt has "fingers" of microfiber that reach in between the pet hairs and clean all sides of it.


How to Use the e-cloth® Pet Grooming Mitt

  1. Use the Pet Grooming Mitt Dry
  2. Place it on your hand with the inner finger support positioned between your index and middle fingers
  3. To remove dirt and loose hair, use the "whisker" side and gently stroke the fur in the direction of hair growth
  4. Finish cleaning with the "shaggy" side.
  5. Enjoy the quality time with your pet!



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