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Universal Stone cleans metals, porcelain, plastic, enamel, wood, painted surfaces, stone, glass and more - all without scratching!


  • one 500g tub of Universal Stone
  • one cleaning sponge
  • one General Purpose cloth and
  • one Glass & Polishing cloth


  • Free from toxins, acids, and phosphor-free
  • Completely Non-abrasive!
  • Can easily replace most other cleaning products in your home


Click here to some before and after pictures on my blog.

What is Universal Stone?

Universal Stone is a non-toxic AND non-abrasive cleanser that cleans almost everything. It truly is a "Universal" cleanser.


(Note: The following is KATE'S description - it's hard to describe so please don't giggle at my non-technical terms)

Universal Stone is a powdery cleanser that's kind of pressed into a solid mass in the jar (but don't worry if it arrives as a powder or in chunks - see below). When you dampen the sponge (included) and apply it to the "stone", the sponge instantly picks some up and it becomes VERY sudsy. You don't have to rub hard to get any on the sponge: the damp sponge just soaks some up.


WARNING: Your "stone" may arrive broken up, lumpy or powdery. Don't worry - that's how mine arrived too. The condition of your stone, be it one solid chunk, lumps or powder, does not impact how it works or how you get it onto the sponge. Just dampen the sponge and dab the stone (or powder, or lumps). Over time, as you use it more and dampness gets into the jar from the sponge, it may form into a solid mass. Or it may stay as a powder or lumpy. Mine has gone from powder, to solid to lumpy.


Universal Stone offers a natural way to restore a shine to metallic surfaces and clean any smooth surface without harsh chemicals. It is made in Germany by Zielinsky Universal Stone.  The fact that it is made in a country that has strict standards for cleaning products and toxicity means that it is a safe and healthy cleaning agent.

What Can You Use Universal Stone on?

Click on the Kate's Comments tab above to get my thoughts on the Universal Stone and for a list of dirty jobs I've used it on with great success.

This non-abrasive cleaner, cleans, polishes and preserves all in one step:
  • metals including: Chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, silver, gold, copper, brass, tin
  • enamel
  • glass
  • acrylic plastic
  • crystal
  • plastic
  • painted surfaces
  • wood
  • countertops including: granite, engineered stone, marble and laminate
  • porcelain
  • grout
  • pots and kettles
  • ceramics
  • rubber
  • fiberglass
  • ovens
  • etc.
Since Universal Stone dissolves limestone and grease it is particularly suitable for use in the home, 
in the car, and during home improvement projects.  Excellent for cleaning:  tiles, toilets, washbasins, 
baths, kitchen counters, sinks, fittings, hotplates, ceramic stoves, windows, radiators, varnished 
surfaces, car roofs, chrome plating on cars and motorcycles.
Excellent for sports and leisure equipment: trophies, musical instruments, lawn and garden tools and 
furniture, boats, skis and snowboards, bicycles, etc.

What Will Universal Stone Clean?

  • tarnish
  • grease
  • lime scale
  • hard water stains
  • rust
  • stains
  • algae
  • dirty grout
  • soap scum
  • permanent marker
  • scuff marks
  • crayon
  • burned on grime
  • commercial polish and cleanser buildup
  • mould
  • oil deposits
  • exhaust stains
  • etc.


Universal Stone is made from 6 natural ingredients:  Soap flakes, green soap, vegetable oils, glycerin, polishing clay earth, natural perfume oils (citronella). 


It is free from toxins and acids and is fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly, phosphor-free and kind to the skin.  This makes this product child and pet friendly as well as non-allergenic.  Universal Stone has been tested by the allergy and asthma research center and found to be safe to use.

Testimonials from Our Product Testers (including Kate):

"Cleaned my ceramic cooktop to a beautiful shine with just a bit of elbow grease.  Burnt on, cooked on messes that no other cleaning product could touch came up in seconds.  This is perfect solution for that.  I also used it on the warming plate of the coffeemaker and was amazed by the results"


"Used it on the old linoleum floor in our kitchen.  The linoleum has lost its protective covering on it some years ago in the high traffic lanes.  The floor is very difficult to clean.  I use the Deep Clean Mop and in the traffic lanes, get on my hands and knees with a General Purpose Cloth to bring back the linoleum to a decent looking status.  The Universal Stone instantly recovered the linoleum.  No marks left on the linoleum.  We had it professionally cleaned about 3 months ago and it looks better now than when the commercial cleaners cleaned it."


"Used it on my 1 inch grout in my main bathroom.  The grout probably hasn't been cleaned in 5 yrs and it looks brand new.  I wiped it on per instructions and scrubbed a little bit with a brush to work into the grout and wiped it off with an e-cloth. "


"Removed the greasy residue buildup from the vent area of my dishwasher without any effort.  I had not been able to clean it with just an e-cloth"


"Love how it doesn't dry my hand out after using it"


"It worked great on the inside of my oven door (particularly on the window) it was nice to be able to see in through the window again"


"Used it on our laminated counters, 25 years old, rather worn, and it removed a rust spot off it that had been there a few years and was amazed how much cleaner the counter was where I used it and did not use it.   It is as if the laminate had darkened over the 25 years and the Universal Stone recovered the surface to its original color."


"I had a very tarnished silver ring that it cleaned up quickly and easily"


"A friend of mine has stainless steel appliances that came with her house. The previous owner had been using sprays to "clean" the stainless so when we used the just e-cloths it left an awful mess of streaks as the cloth picked up only some of the old spray. I spent 20 minutes on a small area and the General Purpose cloth with no luck. I also tried dish soap, vinegar, and baking soda (tested a small area first of course) with no luck. Then I tried the Universal stone and in a matter of seconds, the surface was clean without any scrubbing.


"Wonderful on my stainless sink - the glycerin in it leaves a thin coating that makes water bead after you've used it.  Nice"

What Has Kate Cleaned with Universal Stone?

Wowza! A LOT! I'm finding new uses for it every day. Here are several things that I've had great success with:

  1. Red wine and tea stains on my laminate counter
  2. Hard water spots on shower doors and granite counters
  3. Stainless appliances - AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Chrome faucets, fixtures and bits on the car
  5. Silver - very tarnished (think 15+ years!) silverware and jewellry
  6. Kitchen sink - the glycerine (you'll read more about that below) leaves the sink lovely and shiney and lets the water bead on it afterwards
  7. Wood - you won't believe how clean you can get doors, trim, furniture, etc.
  8. Boats - I don't own a boat but I hear it's amazing for getting rid of waterline stains, algae, and rust stains
  9. Stains on grout along tub and on tile floor
  10. All metals
  11. Who-knows-what-it-was stains on painted walls
  12. Glass fireplace doors
  13. Rust on tub
  14. Scuff marks on floor
  15. Mystery goop on my stovetop and it's BRILLIANT for cleaning knobs on the stove.
  16. Weird dead insect and bird poop stains on my wooden outdoor furniture

Do You Need Universal Stone if You Use e-cloths?

I know what you're thinking... "Kate said e-cloths clean almost everything, so why would I need the Universal Stone?".

Well, sometimes there are stains and marks that the e-cloths alone won't pick up.

Or perhaps something is sooooooo dirty that you could use an e-cloth but it'll take forever and multiple uses.

A few examples:

  1. if you've used commercial cleansers/polishes on your Stainless Steel appliances. An e-cloth will remove it but it takes a really long time (many, many wipings) and you'll have to live with some really nasty streaks until the e-cloth gets it all off. Universal Stone will take it off in seconds.
  2. polishing silverware and metals. e-cloths are great for regular maintenance and with a lot of patience and rubbing they'll work on tarnish but Universal Stone cleans it up in seconds.
  3. Stains in laminate counters. e-cloth might get fresher ones, but Universal Stone will clean them in... you guessed it... seconds!
  4. Hard water? Universal Stone took the hard water marks right off my glass shower doors and the glycerine in it left a protective layer on the glass.
  5. Really dirty stuff. Sometimes you don't want to use your e-cloth because you're afraid it will get too stained. Clean the item quickly and easily with Universal Stone and then just maintain it with an e-cloth.
  6. Essentially anywhere that you're still using a commercial cleanser, you can use the Universal Stone

Does Universal Stone Leave a Residue?

Universal Stone is a powdery substance and does leave a residue. It can be easily rinsed off or wiped with an e-cloth. We offer a package that includes the Stone, a General Purpose cloth and a Glass & Polishing cloth that will save you money over buying them separately.

What Does Kate Like About it?

  1. The glycerine. I love the protective coating it leaves on my stainless sink and glass shower doors and it doesn't dry out my hands.
  2. Non-abrasive and non-toxic. I use it on everything and never have to worry about ruining an item or harming my health.
  3. A single cleanser for the whole house. Since switching to e-cloth, I only very rarely use cleansers but I like that this one does it all.

Anything it Doesn't Work On?

This is not a technical analysis. These are just things that Kate has tried Universal Stone on where it didn't work.

  1. The window on my oven door. You'll see in the testimonials that others have had great success with this. But it didn't work on my wlndow. It got most of the grease off but the century-old cooked on stuff did not come off. I expect if you clean your oven regularly (NOT ME!), the Stone will work wonderfully - but it doesn't seem to work on years of grime.
  2. The literature says it works on lime scale. it does work for light scale but if you've got thick buildup (think small mounds) like I sometimes get on/around my faucets, it won't work. I still use vinegar on that.

But it's Kind of Expensive isn't it?

It is a bit pricey BUT... it'll last 6-8 months if you use it daily in your kitchen and/or bathroom. That's if you use it daily. If you're using e-cloths, you're not going to use it daily. I've had a tub for 10 months and it's only 1/3 gone. A little goes a long way.


  1. Wipe a damp sponge (included) across the stone a few times.  
  2. Squeeze the sponge to make a foam.  
  3. Use the soapy sponge to clean.  
  4. Rinse under running water or polish with an e-cloth.  
  5. Allow the stone to dry after use then close the container.  
Universal Stone has an unlimited shelf life and will not expire or lose cleaning capacity.
Reviewed by Monica Turk, 02/04/17

I also clean houses and bought this to clean some showers. I gave it to my daughter-in-law for her stainless steal appliances. Wow they look like brand new, this stuff really works! Will let you know later how it
worked on the showers!


Reviewed by Sara S., 04/03/17

This cleaning paste is great. It can clean my ceramic stove top amazingly well and with very little effort. Plus you only have to use a little so this paste will go a long way.

Reviewed by Kat, 29/11/16

This is a great product for cleaning glass shower doors, stainless sinks, stainless appliances and even a stainless tea kettle.

Reviewed by Michelle, 22/05/14

I read your blog about the Universal Stone cleaner and that I can use it on stainless steel appliances. So, I tried it. I was using Pledge to polish up my stainless but it had apparently built up enough that instead of polishing, it looked streaky. The Universal Stone and e-cloths were delivered on a Friday afternoon. I couldn't wait to get home and try them! I couldn't believe how well the Universal Stone worked! At first, I was a little freaked out because the sponge was coming up grey from getting the layers of gunk off of my refrigerator. I was afraid the finish was coming off too! But, then I wiped it with a damp e-cloth and dried it with a dry e-cloth and my refrigerator LOOKED LIKE NEW! So, of course I had to do my stainless stove and microwave on a Friday night too! My husband wondered what was up when I didn't call him after work to ask what he wanted to do for dinner on a Friday. He walked in and found me CLEANING my appliances! Now I can use a damp e-cloth and follow with a dry one and it comes clean with no streaking. I LOVE this product! I also took it to work, where there are only 3 of us, and used the Stone to clean the stainless sink there. It was so dirty with hard water spots, etc. My coworkers couldn't believe how nice it looked when I finished. And it didn't take very long or a whole lot of elbow grease either. Thanks for your blog post that gave me the tip on the Universal Stone product! I'm going to take it to my sister's house next time I visit her, and clean her stainless steel refrigerator.

Reviewed by Debbie, 14/02/14

I know how I have told you many times that I clean houses. Picked up a new job and they said "Good Luck with the refrigerator"! I used the Universal Stone and it was so shiny clean they couldn't believe that I was able to get it looking like new. I hesitated buying this because I thought it was a little pricey, but have not regretted it at all. It takes so little that I know that it will last for a long time!

Reviewed by Has, 04/01/14

Awesome, I had a rusty mark on my kitchen stainless steel sink and it went away after I applied this. My sink is also so shiny now!

Reviewed by Valentyna, 30/09/13

Works well, easy to apply and remove after cleaning

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